Welcome to the District Trends Subcommittee

This website will serve as a home for information about the work of the District Trends Subcommittee.

See latest update (2/22/15) here: http://www.arpstrends.info/update-february-22-2015

The mission of the District Trends Subcommittee is contained in the motion that created the committee, which was passed unanimously by the Regional School Committee on April 8, 2014 (see below).

MOTION: That the Amherst Pelham Regional School Committee creates a sub committee to recommend to the Regional School Committee how the district might track trends in academic and non-academic areas using various measurement tools and data. Said subcommittee shall be called the District Trends Subcommittee. The chair of the Regional School Committee shall appoint members to this subcommittee with the consensus of the full committee.

The charge of this subcommittee is as follows:

1. Solicit input from students, staff, parents and the community as to what measurements should be considered.

2. Research what measurement tools/instruments are available, what data exists already, and what other districts do use.

3. Report back to the Regional School Committee on recommendations, including sample reports, in October 2014, with the goal that the Regional School Committee shall approve a method of trends reporting by the end of 2014.

Further, that this committee be made a regular standing subcommittee of the Regional School Committee, which will continue to meet as needed, and report each October on any recommendations for alterations to trends reporting.

Further, that the Amherst and Pelham School Committees may choose to be included in this process and if so, this District Trends Subcommittee shall include those districts in its work.