Update February 22, 2015

Attached are files that will be presented at the 2/24 Regional School Committee meeting as an update of Trends Subcommittee work. The file "District-Trends-Subcommittee-Report_2015-02-24.pdf" is a cover page, which shows areas being looked at and approximate % of completion. Eventually all sub reports will be merged into one PDF with that as the cover page.

NOTE: all reports are drafts at this time and no conclusions should be drawn on them until they are final later this year.

Update December 9, 2014

We presented work to date at the 11/20 regional school committee meeting.
The info presented can be found here:

Update August 3, 2014

Quick update on work of the committee. We continue to work on items from our outline (see District Trends Outline-2014-05-27.pdf here: We have broken out tasks based on areas where data will come from:

Rick Hood - focusing on data available on the DESE website.
Emily Marriott - focusing on student survey data
Michael Morris - focusing on data only available from ARPS district (e.g. not available on DESE website)
Lawrence O'Brien - focusing on parent survey data
Kathleen Traphagen - focusing on teacher survey data

As of this writing our next meeting is not yet scheduled. It will probably be shortly after our first school committee meeting of the 2014-2015 year (on 8/14).